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RecoVR IconAcademic studies shows that,in average, the industrial water and wastewater can be reduced up to 50% with reuse and reclamation techniques. But how to reduce the water consumption and wastewater discharge in industry ?

The rational use of water, cold and hot utilities and wastewater minimization has been receiving special attention nowadays. Many academic researches show that it is possible to reduce, in average, 50% of water use in process industries with reclaiming techniques such as: reuse, recycle and regeneration. But to minimize the water and wastewater discharge in your industry?

The software RECOVR is the newest tool for water and wastewater management in the process industries. RECOVR approaches the problem of water and wastewater minimization  in a systematic way. It is a totally new concept in water use and wastewater minimization .



  • Historical Data Bank/Data Acquisition: It is possible to observe record and audit data such as flowrate, temperature and composition of process streams. The data can be manually entered or acquired for a data bank.
  • Reports: It is possible to monitor flowrate, temperature and composition of process streams, dividing them by plant areas and/or time in order to identify the most critical equipments considering water and utilities use and wastewater generation.
  • Data Reconciliation and Gross Error Detection: This module allow to detect fails in measurement equipments and adjust mass balances .
  • Observability and measurement instrument allocation: To estimate unmeasured streams and suggest the allocation of new measurement equipments.
  • Simulation: After the data collection and data adjust, it is possible to perform steady-state simulation to evaluate the behavior of water and wastewater circuit.
  • Process Integration: After the process validation through simulation it is possible to perform the process integration, where new connections and topology will be suggested in order to minimize water and energy use and wastewater discharge, respecting the constraints given by the user. This module is based on mathematical programming techniques (MINLP or non-linear mixed integer programming) RecoVR Snapshot


  • Modeling and simulation of water use networks in an easy and fast way.
  • Possibility to reduce the number of measure instruments (flowrate and composition).
  • Gross error detection in measurements and leaks detection.
  • Graphical reports of water use networks.
  • Evaluation of different operation scenarios such as disturbances and equipments maintenance.
  • Synthesis of mass exchange networks ( water reuse networks ) with costs and operational constraints.

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 VRTech has also a trainings courses for companies interested on the application of techniques of  water, wastewater and energy reclaiming (reuse, recycle and regeneration ). Contact us.

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