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EMSO Environment for Modeling, Simulation, and Optimization
Latest version is 0.9.26
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What is EMSO?

EMSO stands for Environment for Modeling, Simulation, and Optimization.

It is a graphical environment where the user can model complex dynamic or steady-state processes by simply selecting and connecting model blocks.

In addition, the user can develop new models using the EMSO modeling language or use those already made from the EMSO Modeling Library -

EML is an open source library of models written in the EMSO modeling language. The EMSO modeling language is an object-oriented language for modeling general dynamic or steady-state processes.

Rafael de Pelegrini Soares has been working on EMSO since 2001.



has been successfully applied in the dynamic simulation of:
  • Separation processes of complex mixtures
  • Distillation columns
  • CSTR, PFR and non-ideal reactors
  • Steam systems of petrochemical industry and power stations

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16 dec 2003 Opened the EMSO page at RPS.eng.br.

24 april 2004 EMSO for linux available for download.

23 sep 2004 New version available for download with lots of improvements.
EMSO Manual
Rafael de Pelegrini Soares
Main EMSO user's and programming manual.

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EMSO at Escape 13
R. de P. Soares and A. R. Secchi 2003
EMSO a New Environment for Modelling, Simulation, and Optimisation.

EMSO at Aiche 2003 [poster]
R. de
P. Soares and A. R. Secchi 2003
EMSO: an Integrated tool for Process Modeling, Dynamic Simulation and Optimization.